Village Informational Notice Issued Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Please Take Notice:

The Village of Rhinebeck Board of Trustees has scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday, February 18th at 6:00 at Village Hall. The purpose of this meeting will be an executive session to discuss matters related to the employment of a particular person and any other business that may arise.

Patricia Coon
Village Clerk


Village of Rhinebeck Voters

1. The annual Village election will take place on Wednesday, March 18,

2. The Village election will take place at the Rhinebeck Town Hall, 80 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY as the Town Hall is handicapped accessible.

3. Voting will take place from noon to 9:00 p.m.

4. Village registered voters will be voting for Four candidates: Two (2) Trustees with two year terms, One Trustee (1) with one year term and Mayor with two year term.

5. The following candidates are running for office:
Mayor (2 Year Term)Heath
Tortarella, 4 Crowell Avenue
Trustee (2 Year Term)Heinz
Sauer, 37 Stortini Drive
Trustee (2 Year Term)Howard
Traudt, 63 Violet Place
Trustee (1 Year Term)Scott
Cruikshank, 21 North Parsonage Street

6. Absentee Ballots are available at the Village Office, 76 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY. Applications can be requested at the Village Office or by phone 8767015.

These applications must be returned to the Village Office by March 10, 2015 if the ballots have to be mailed or by March 17, 2015 if the ballots can be personally delivered to the Village Office.

7. There is no longer a Village registration day. All voters for the Village election must be registered with Dutchess County Board of Elections at the correct address in the Village.

Pat Coon, Clerk

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