Church of the Messiah – Post-Christmas Update From the Pantry

Post-Christmas Update From the Pantry

Christmas was a busy season for us.  On the Friday before Christmas we gave food and holiday- meal  “extras” to over 110 families.  We keep telling you of  unprecedented numbers, but we never expected to see over 100!  Luckily we received, shortly thereafter, a huge quantity of food from the  Food Drive at the  Bulkeley Middle School in Rhinebeck.   If you know a middle schooler, please convey our thanks.  Because of Bulkeley our shelves have not been completely bare.  During the holiday season many people made generous donations of coats and other clothing items. While we greatly appreciated those donations, we can no longer accept clothing at the food pantry due to space limitations.


Our next Food Bank delivery will be this Monday, Jan 12th, arriving in Donegan Hall at about 11:30.  Some of our volunteers are away for the month, so any help with unloading and shelving would be much appreciated.


In addition, our stalwart drivers have been providing noble and much-appreciated  service; we  utterly depend upon  their skill and dedication.  Every month they pick food up in Kingston in a rented truck and then deliver it to Donegan.  We are always looking for other drivers–and ideally, drivers who might also have a truck!


The Church of the Messiah

6436 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 – (845) 876-353

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