Rhinebeck’s Repair Café – January 17th, 2015 noon to 4 pm


Rhinebeck’s Repair Café returns for the fourth time on January 17th noon to 4 pm– at Rhinebeck Town Hall at 80 East Market Street– seehttp://www.repaircafe.org/ (internationally inspired, by way of Holland/New Paltz, thx to John Wackman).

Hosted by County Legislator Joel Tyner, repair coaches Kathleen Everett, Terry Nelson O’Keefe, Chris Ham, Sarah Stevens, and Chris Luy (among others), and the Rhinebeck Conservation Advisory Board, the Rhinebeck Repair Café is a free and festive event which brings together volunteer experts who like to fix things with people who need things fixed. Rather than throwing them away, you are invited to bring your “broken but beloved” items to Rhinebeck Town Hall on Jan. 17th to get them fixed by volunteer repair coaches.

At the Rhinebeck Repair Café, everything centers on making repairs. Starting at 12 pm and ending at 4 pm, volunteer repair coaches will help you make repairs free of charge. Tools and materials will be on hand, though small parts will need to be brought along with broken items (or will be suggested for purchase). Toys, lamps, chairs, clothes: anything broken is welcome and can more than likely be repaired.

Repair coaches confirmed for 1/17/15 include:

Woodworking, Lamps: Terry Nelson O’Keefe Woodworking
Sewing/Knitting/Mending: Kathleen Everett and Sarah Stevens
Computers and other electronics: Chris Ham
Massage: Valerie Legeay (Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, LE)

Come on by Jan. 17th and spread the word! Want to learn more or volunteer as a repair coach? Get in touch using the info below, or check out this great article from our own Kathleen Everett about our recent event(!):


[recall recent front-page River Chronicle piece too:
http://www.columbiagreenemedia.com/river_chronicle/article_fe9fb482-3393-11e4-8bfb-001a4bcf887a.html ]

133 “likes” so far for Rhinebeck Repair Cafe FB page; join(!):

Info: 845-453-2105; rhinebeckrepaircafe@gmail.com (Kathleen Everett) or joeltyner@earthlink.net