Richard Murray has been nominated as the Republican Candidate for the Rhinebeck Town Board.

The Town of Rhinebeck Republican Committee, at a caucus held Saturday, September 13, 2014, unanimously nominated Richard Murray as its candidate for the Town Board of Rhinebeck.  Mr. Murray has served more than 4 years on the Town Planning Board.  In addition to his volunteer work on the Planning Board, Mr. Murray is currently a Rhinebeck youth travel soccer coach, a volunteer Rhinebeck Committee Member for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, a Steward for the Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill, a communicant of St. Christopher’s Roman Catholic Church, and former T-ball coach.  Mr. Murray is a small business owner specializing in computer-based logistics and consulting.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from SUNY Albany and his Associate’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Dutchess Community College.  Mr. Murray and his wife, Linda, a local attorney, have two children, ages 4 and 11. Mr. Murray grew up in Dutchess County and has lived here for more than 30 years.  He stated that, “If elected, I would look forward to the opportunity to now serve my community as a Town Board member.”

The election will take place on November 4th.


  1. Can’t think of anyone worse- Mr Murray has no clue what the people want. His opposition on the other hand is a man with integrity and cares about our community.

  2. I don’t see Mr.Murray as a candidate concerned with the well being of our community. His recent vote against the Town Board’s recommendation of changing the mining zoning rules is a good example. Large scale mining in our town pollutes and destroys; it does nothing to promote and keep the rural integrity of Rhinebeck. His vote against changing the mining overlay is NOT supportive of members of the Rhinebeck community. A vote of this kind only demonstrates Mr.Murray’s unwarranted concern for an outside large, mining conglomerate at the expense of the citizens of Rhinebeck. This vote, in my mind is a vote for pro-mining and I think there is a better candidate on the opposing side that I would vote for.

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