During the planning process for this year’s Sinterklaas, it became apparent that an increase in police presence will be required to ensure the safety of the growing number of people expected to attend.  In addition to the Village and State Police resources already allocated to this event, Deputies from the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department will be assisting on a contract basis.

We would like to thank County Executive Marc Molinaro and County Sheriff Adrian Anderson for arranging to provide this additional coverage at a cost significantly lower than originally estimated.

We would like to recognize Kirchoff Consigli Construction Management for their sponsorship of this event.  Their contribution will allow for the additional Police Officers that are needed and ensure that the community is able to enjoy this event again in 2014.

Thank you to everyone who has worked towards this solution, making the success and safety of Sinterklaas a priority.

Heath Tortarella, Mayor  

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  1. Yippee! Wahoo! Huzzah!!! I’m gonna say it, without the tiniest bit of cynicism, sarcasm, Grumpusiness, or tongue in teeth: It’s Sinterklaas magic we’ve got here. It’s an early gift from Kirchoff Consigli Construction Management and all the people who believed and made this happen.

    I’m a Romantic believer type. I think this might inspire our whole town to give time and money even more generously so that this will be the most amazing Sinterklass ever. I think the whole darned town — every one of them, every Rhinebecker in Rhinebeckville — might start their Holiday style mindset now and keep it up until they all join in saying, VERY LOUDLY, the blessing for the Children at the end of the parade.

    This is one of the little miracles that happen everyday, you guys. It’s exactly like what happens in the movies but there are no fedoras or CGI.

    I’m gonna start by being extra nice to people tomorrow. Just like I am while I’m have a great day of Christmas shopping.

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