The Town of Rhinebeck Democratic Committee, at a caucus held Monday September 15, nominated Allan Scherr as its candidate for the Town Board of Rhinebeck.  Mr. Scherr has served for one year already on the Town Board, filling out the vacancy resulting from last year’s election of then Board Member Elizabeth Spinzia as Town Supervisor.  Ms. Spinzia nominated Mr. Scherr at the caucus.
Mr. Scherr currently serves as the Town liaison to its web committee, Historic Preservation Committee, and to the Town Historian.  He is a retired IBM fellow, having spent over 30 years managing technology projects.  He has taught courses on leadership to business school students and has written numerous articles on the subject. He earned both a B.S. and Ph.D. from MIT. Mr. Scherr and his wife, Linda have owned property in Rhinebeck since 1981 and have lived there full time sine 2001.
The election will take place on November 4.