Did you know that Rhinebeck is only the second green burial cemetery in New York State? 

On Sunday, Aug. 24 at 12:30 Upstate Films in Rhinebeck will show the acclaimed new documentary A Will for the Woods about green burial.

They will be joined by Suzanne Kelly, chair of the Rhinebeck Cemetery Committee and co-founder of Friends of Rhinebeck Cemetery for questions following.

For more information you may call Suzanne Kelly at 845-876-6436 or 914-489-3668.

Sunday, August 24 at 12:30 in Rhinebeck. 
In Person: co-directors Jeremy Kaplan, Amy Browne, Tony Hale, and Brian Wilson
(USA / 2013 / Directed by Amy Browne, Tony Hale, Jeremy Kaplan, and Brian Wilson)
In A Will for the Woods, a man’s passionate wish for a green burial inspires a profoundly affecting and optimistic portrait of people finding meaning in death.
Musician, folk dancer, and psychiatrist Clark Wang battles lymphoma while facing a potentially imminent need for funeral plans. Determined that his last act will not harm the environment and may even help protect it, Clark discovers the movement to further sustainable funerals and helps move a local cemetarian to establish the first natural burial ground in North Carolina. As Clark and his family play out their lives, we watch like a fly on the wall – from their home movies, through Clark’s medical tests and treatments, his final visits with family in Ann Arbor, and his funeral. The result is an undeniably moving documentary with a compassionate, personal approach. Unrated / 93 mins.

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