State Police prepare for the 169th Annual Dutchess County Fair

Rhinebeck, New York – The 169th Annual Dutchess County Fair will begin on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, in Rhinebeck, NY.   The Dutchess County Fair is the second largest fair in New York State.

Those traveling to the fair can access it by using State Route 9G and State Route 9 to travel North and South from Rhinebeck.  Those coming from the East can travel toward Rhinebeck via State Route 308. Visitors traveling from the West can enter the fairgrounds from State Route 199.  All of the named highways feed into Route 9, making the entry gates to the fair easily accessible.  With the fairs size and popularity, the small community of Rhinebeck bares the influx of approximately 75,000 visitors in a single day.  This influx of visitors highly congests the small infrastructure of Rhinebeck.  Historically, traffic issues will occur and everyone should expect delays due to congestion.

Vehicles carrying show animals will be allowed to access the Fairgrounds from Parsonage Street, off Route 308, at designated times.  ALL COMMERCIAL VEHICLES are reminded that they are not permitted on village streets to make deliveries to the fair.   Deliveries will be accepted via the north gate, off of Route 9, before 9:00 a.m.

Fair-goers are reminded to use the north gate off of Route 9 to enter the fairgrounds.  The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office will be assisting the public with traffic in and out of the gates.  Fair-goers are advised that the heaviest traffic occurs between the hours of 4-7 pm and after the stage shows, at approximately 9-10 pm.  Plan your trip accordingly.

The fair has hired a professional traffic management company for parking at the fairgrounds. In the past, this has helped the organization within the parking lots.  Those parking in the fairgrounds are asked to remember where you have parked.  The lots are lettered and this will assist you in finding your car upon return.  The fair has supplied VMS message signs to help direct motorists toward the exits from within the parking areas.  Attendees should be aware that at times of congestion, it is not unusual to have to wait in traffic for an hour to exit the grounds.

Fair-goers may tune there car radios to the following stations within two miles of the fairgrounds to help them with directions in and out of the Fair:
WPFI 377 – 1610 and 830 AM are stations brought to you by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The State Police are responsible for policing matters and public safety at the fairgrounds and in the parking areas during the week of the fair.  We will be coordinating with fair Security, the Rhinebeck Police Department, Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, along with Fire & EMS to help make this week safe for all who attend. The State Police have a command post at the fair, staffed from 10 am – 11 pm daily.  The Contact number for the Command Post is (845)876-3074.  Attendees should be aware that they may be subject to bag inspections upon entering or while in the fairgrounds, for public safety.  The Dutchess County Fair is a family friendly event and actions of public nuisance are not tolerated.  Attendees may be removed from the grounds and banned for inappropriate actions.

We look forward to a beautiful week that is filled with family fun.  We hope to have beautiful weather so all fair-goers are able to enjoy their visit.