Rhinebeck Rotary Features Presentation on Cyber Insurance

On Monday, July 21st, during its regular meeting at the Beekman Arms, the Rhinebeck Rotary featured a presentation on the new field of cyber insurance by Addam Rakow, insurance broker at the Rhinebeck insurance company Fraleigh & Rakow, and the son of longtime Rotarian Greg Rakow.

Left to right, Rhinebeck Rotary President Philip Meltzer and Addam Rakow

Left to right,
Rhinebeck Rotary President Philip Meltzer and Addam Rakow


Rakow called cyber insurance “a fledgling segment of the insurance industry,” and stated that the reason it has become a separate type of coverage is the growing list of exclusions named in general liability insurance policies, exclusions that leave businesses and individuals vulnerable to claims.  “Insurance is constantly evolving. Computers weren’t even part of the Internet, when they first appeared on the scene,” Rakow said.


He cited a number a recent hacking incidents including Target, TJ Max, the Veteran’s Administration and Sony Playstation, and went on to name the kinds of costs incurred by a business after such a breach: loss of identification and assets, loss of client records, loss of employee privacy security, business interruption, the expense of rebuilding data and credit monitoring, forensic CPA fees, and the potentially huge P.R. expense necessary to notify customers and clients afterwards. Cyber insurance would cover such losses, costs and inconveniences, while general liability insurance would not. In conclusion, he recommended that individuals check their standard home insurance coverage to determine whether or not it excludes the personal injury that might ensue from viruses accidentally sent on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in which case, one should consider buying back that exclusion.

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