Rhinebeck Central School District Reports


District Issues Warning to Merchants About Unauthorized Solicitation 

Rhinebeck School District officials have been notified of an individual conducting in-person solicitation of area business, allegedly on behalf of the school district.  It appears that this solicitation involves selling ads on items such as school folders and/or book covers that are then provided to the school district for subsequent distribution to children.

Area business should be aware that the Rhinebeck School District does not participate in or authorize any commercial solicitation of businesses or individuals in our communities for book covers, folders, or other items, or for any other reason. If approached, local businesses are encouraged to note company name and contact information on any credentials provided by such solicitors and to pass that information along to the office of the school superintendent for follow up. Most importantly, area businesses are warned NOT to pay such solicitors for any advertisements on items that they say has been authorized by the school district, because the school district does not authorize such solicitation.