After battling and losing against our neighbors in Milan, Red Wing Sand & Gravel now has its sights set on Historic Rhinebeck. They are appealing to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to expand an existing mine on White Schoolhouse Road from 38 to 125 acres of land, just 3 miles from the Village of Rhinebeck.

 What does it mean to you in the Village & Town of Rhinebeck?

 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT   The proposed mine brings with it the prospect of air, water, noise, and visual pollution: AIR, due to dust and dirt byproducts and the fuel and lubricants of extensive excavation; WATER pollution of Landsman’s Kill creek (which runs through the Town and Village and is home to significant trout populations) and the important aquifer near the mine, as well as disruptions to the Blanding’s Turtle nesting sites and potential for well water contamination;VISUAL, a denuded countryside amidst one of the most important and beautiful forest/wetlands ecosystems in Rhinebeck.

NOISE   Those of us on White Schoolhouse Road can hear the train in Rhinecliff.  If Red Wing is allowed to expand, as the projects progress Village and Town residents will hear the noise from loaders, separators, dredging machines, bulldozers and blasting with dynamite. This is noise you can expect to hear Monday to Friday, from 7am-5pm for the next 20+years. Do you think the tourists will want to stay in our B&B’s, shop in our stores or relax outside our restaurants as they do today?

PROPERTY VALUES  Residents who live on stretches of Route 308, White Schoolhouse Road, Bollenbecker and Pells Roads will see their property values plummet.  Realtors will have to work much harder to sell homes and attract buyers in a Mining Community.

TRAFFIC & TAXES  The increased truck traffic will devastate the entire eastern end of Rhinebeck.  Trucks will be destructive to our roads as they drive to/from White Schoolhouse Road along Route 9G, Route 9, Route 308 and Slate Quarry Road resulting in increased taxes for road repairs.

TOURISM   Once the word gets out to tourists, realtors and The New York Times, it will be just a matter of time before Rhinebeck loses its status as a destination spot.   Business owners can expect to lose income, if not their business, if Red Wing’s proposals are approved; causing Rhinebeck a nightmare for the next decade or longer.

And what happens once Red Wing is done destroying the land? It is returned to the Town of Rhinebeck, avoiding further tax payments on the 241 acres…leaving the burden on us.


Our next Town Board Meeting is Monday, April 28th at 6:45pm.  A strong presence is a strong voice opposing Red Wing’s mining expansion. Over 500 people have already signed our petition against Red Wing.  We truly believe allowing them into our community will have an adverse effect on all of us.


An association of residents concerned with increased mining activity

along White Schoolhouse Road and its impact on our rural environment and quality of life.

 Click here:

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