RHINEBECK BLOGGER – GINGER LONG’S WOMAN IN CONTROL : A Couple of Consciously Crafted Alternative Endings

I’ve recently been struggling through another bout of post-divorce shock, or maybe aftershock would be a more accurate descriptor.  The prolonged impact of this (un)natural disaster has continued long past necessary.  In much the same way, nine years post Hurricane Katrina, sections of New Orleans remain in disrepair.  I can’t quite imagine when the fury of the storm that has continued to circle my path will meet it’s maximum destructive potential, diminish and decease.  I wonder what might appease the storm maker.  I wonder how divorce could be less destructive.
And then without warning, a torrential storm of media input comes by way of Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin.  They recently announced their separation.  She wrote about it.  She coined a beautiful term, Conscious Uncoupling.  I read and reread the phrase, turning it over in my mouth like it is manna from the heavens.  I want to feel each syllable with my tongue, carefully and joyously.  Like saying juxtaposition for the first time, or snicker-doodle orpiccalilli.  Conscious Uncoupling, it sounds so much sweeter than Divorce.

Read On: http://woman-in-control.blogspot.com/2014/03/a-couple-of-consciously-crafted.html

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