We need volunteers – Repair Cafe at Rhinebeck – Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Join Co. Leg. Joel Tyner Weds. Apr. 2nd at 5:30 pm in the basement of Rhinebeck Town Hall at 80 East Market Street there (12572) to help him plan a Repair Cafe at Rhinebeck Town Hall Saturday, May 3rd from noon to 4 pm that day(!)



We need volunteers from the area to step forward as well– as carpenters and seamstresses– and folks with electrical and/or computer and/or jewelry repair skills too!
Of course, we’re also looking for help to publicize this event– so that as many folks as possible from the region bring in their old toys, lamps, vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks, radios, toys, espresso machines, computers, toaster ovens, other appliances– you name it– in May 3rd!

For more on the great New Paltz Repair Cafe example we’re trying to follow in Rhinebeck, see:
http://oracle.newpaltz.edu/if-its-broken-take-it-to-the-repair-cafe/ .

“Repair Cafe ‘What the World Needs’”

Read on:  http://www.dailyfreeman.com/lifestyle/20140131/repair-cafe-what-the-world-needs

Information: 845-453-2105 joeltyner@earthlink.net

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