Rhinebeck – Community Gardeners meeting is set for March 29th, 2014

Hello Rhinebeck Community Gardeners,
Spring is here! The birds are singing and the garden is calling. It is time to start thinking about digging in the dirt.

Our first Community Gardeners meeting is set for March 29th at 10am in the Starr Library. We will meet in the downstairs meeting room.
Along with registration, we will assign gardeners to their Work Crew and allow time for you to spend with the crew leaders.
It’s going to be a wonderful season. More potlucks, mid week dinners in the garden, an open house for the community, Sunday morning gatherings in the garden and a new Crew…..pest control !

Rhinebeck Community Garden is 100% organic.

Rhinebeck residents looking for a plot can add their name to the waiting list and volunteer positions are available for our Garden to Food Pantry fresh food project. Last year we grew and donated over 500 pounds of fresh vegetables to the Church of the Messiah Food Pantry. We would like to increase the amount of food we grow and deliver and volunteers are needed for planting, weeding, watering and delivering the food to Messiah Food Pantry.

Contact rhinebeckcommunitygarden@gmail.com or catelong@gmail.comfor more information.
PS: Now is the time to plant spring peas when the ground is unfrozen..

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