Letter to the editor – RED WING Mining & White Schoolhouse Road Concern

My wife and I live on 141 White Schoolhouse Road and have become very concerned about the proposed mining operation that RED WING intends to pursue. Our road is very beautiful, quiet and residential. The impact of their proposal on this road would be devastating for all who live here as well as adjacent roads. I and other neighbors walk our dogs on this road. Up to this point there has not been an incident with either Jeff Decker or Rich VonDerlieth regarding their trucks as they have always been considerate of others on the road, but this new proposal changes all of that. Safety on the road as well as constant traffic,dust and noise levels would definitely be issues of great concern. The number of trucks would increase dramatically causing major concerns for all not only on White Schoolhouse Road but at their entrance beginning on Route 308.

We live in a peaceful community and Rhinebeck has always committed itself to preserving its rural beauty as well as its character. Major companies like MacDonald’s have not been allowed in so that we might keep our small town character and this has been appreciated by all who live here. However, allowing a large mining operation like this to operate on a town road like ours is really not consistent with that philosophy. I would hope that the concerns of citizens of Rhinebeck would take priority over an outside corporation like Red Wing.

As concerned citizens many of us on our road are hoping that the Town Board would consider revising zoning. We hope we can get support from other Rhinebeckians.

Sincerely, Ed & Pat Roberts