Rhinebeck Village Board Member – Brant Neuneker will not seek a 3rd Term


I announce with great regret that I have decided not to seek a third term on the Rhinebeck Village Board.  I will focus on my business and family interests.  I take great pride in the success we Village Board members and staff have achieved during the last four years.


It has been a great pleasure to work with all Village employees and volunteer board members.  Thanks to all of you and special thanks to Pat Coon.


Local politics gave me a raft of new friends and acquaintances: Bob Fennell, David Miller, John Wirth, Warren Temple Smith, Ward and Linda Stanley, Terry Gipson, Howie and Tom Traudt, Jim Reardon, Wayne Rifenburg, and many more.  Thanks for enriching my contributions to the community.  To Jeff Romano, Judge John Kane, and Michelle Donner, I owe a special debt of gratitude.


Thanks most of all to the voters of Rhinebeck who gave an outsider from Chicago victory in two contested elections and who almost delivered me to office the first time when you didn’t even know me.  During spitting snow, drizzle, and frenzied schedules, you opened your doors for me to share ideas about making Rhinebeck a better place.


Brant Neuneker, Rhinebeck Village Trustee