Rhinebeck Blogger – Ginger Long’s Woman in Control : A Winter’s Journey Far and Away from the Frozen Uncertainty

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Winter’s Journey Far and Away from the Frozen Uncertainty

This morning I awoke, early, 6:05 am.  Not early, as much as my routine time to awake.  I love the morning.  The quiet. The potential, all sinuous and pulsing with possibility.  What will be discovered?  What will be exposed in the light of daybreak, that will be hidden in shadow later in the day?  I arise, shed the warmth and comfort of blankets and afghans piled high, and head to the bathroom releasing the evening’s dreams and nightmares, releasing the toxins of my angst and that of my bladder.  I wash-up, brush my teeth and head downstairs to boil water for my coffee, French-pressed. A small luxury in my quiet cottage, footsteps from Lake Champlain, now frozen.
I dress, then pour my coffee, tidying the papers, and books, and left-over artifacts from a night spent in analysis of case-work, law briefs, policy… and personal tumult of one kind or another, journals, articles, pens, papers, a wine glass, not emptied.  Drinking my coffee as I set my life and my cottage back in order.  One a much easier task than the other. I drape on my coat, add a scarf, look absent-mindedly for a hat to face the cold.

The sky changing colors, reflections dancing on the frozen lake, where to go, what to find?  My cameras, several, almost buzzing with anticipation await my commands and a destination.  I drive, north, and then south again, westward into the High Peaks region.  Elizabethtown, Keene, Jay, back roads, lazy highways not well traveled, not well plowed.  Lake Placid?  Not today.  It is solitude I love in my mornings, quiet, and peace.