The earliest settlers were the Sepasco Indians. The vitality of the Hudson River sustained many tribes here and along the Rondout. The Dutch came next and some Palatine Germans were settled through the benevolence of Queen Anne. This was at Kipsbergen and Germantown.

Founded in 1688, the bucolic, Historic Rhinebeck has evolved with the times, yet remains a beloved hometown for residents and a beautiful and interesting meeting place for visitors.

Whether the arts, music, dance, film, or simply gazing at the sunset along the Hudson, this American jewel has something for everyone. Over the last three hundred years the Hudson Valley has been husbanded and loved by generations of diverse people.

Home to the country’s oldest Inn, Rhinebeck offered then–and continues to nourish today– a rich and diverse fare for every taste, in an environment that has drawn some of the country’s most notable figures, including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and others.

We, the residents, are the current stewards of the natural beauty that surrounds us.   We maintain a rich community life and offer a multitude of services, events, and gatherings of every kind.  Our attractions draw a substantial number of tourists and visitors year after year.

The Rhinebeck Community Forum is an on-line bulletin board designed to bridge all members of our community, including our guests. We are an entirely volunteer, devoted to offering the latest communications regarding our town and village, and its environs both great and small.  Here you’ll find calendars and lists that include regional events, fairs, festivals, and other opportunities that make our town such an attractive venue for so many affairs.

The Rhinebeck Community Forum is a non-denominational, non-partisan platform offering helpful links, advisories, and other essential services.   Thousands log onto our site every month.  And more are coming!

We invite all comments and contributions from readers.  After all, we are a community, and each one of us has a part to play in the greater scheme.  Besides, Rhinebeck kicks ass.