Family Forum tonight at Starr Library at 5pm for families of children with special needs; hosted by Abilities First

– open to the public.

Poughkeepsie, New York….Abilities First, Inc., which has been providing educational, vocational, residential and clinical services to individuals with disabilities throughout the mid-Hudson Valley region for over fifty years, has announced a new set of services which capture their organizational model of person-centered support. Abilities First recently received approval from the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to provide Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS), Financial Management Services (FMS), and Intensive Behavioral Services (IBS). Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) is a vehicle for creating an individualized plan based upon the budget for support that an individual has been assigned by the state, with the person self-directing his/her own plan, making the decisions about where to purchase services, and whom to hire as support staff.  Also a provider of Fiscal Management Services, Abilities First can now accept payments from the state on behalf of individuals enrolled in CSS, and then make payments to the vendors who provide services to that individual under his/her CSS plan. Lastly, Abilities First has announced its Intensive Behavioral Services (IBS) program, designed to provide clinical support to people living in the community (rather than in a certified residential setting) who need psychological and behavioral supports to maximize opportunities for success. This service ensures that people continue to obtain what they need to continue to live in the most natural and least restrictive settings possible.


“Our goal at Abilities First has always been about empowering our neighbors with disabilities with the resources they need to envision and experience the lives they imagine for themselves. By offering these new programs and services, we are taking the lead within our industry as the paradigm of care shifts to a person-centered approach. It is deeply gratifying to work with individuals as they develop plans for their lives, and we see this progress within our organization as part of a broader human rights movement to give individuals with disabilities everything they need to live their best lives. The ability to provide this collection of services positions Abilities First to stay on the cutting edge as a provider of progressive, state-of-the-art services for the future”, stated Dr. Jeffery Fox, Executive Director of Abilities First School.


For more information, visit abilitiesfirstny.org or call 845.485.9803.