Good news for Save Rhinebeck Green Space supporters!

The Village Planning Board, at their meeting Tuesday night, required Northern Dutchess Hospital to put on note on the final site plans saying that they believed the campus had been “maxed out” and wanted no more development on the front lawn after this project. And any future parking should happen off campus and use shuttle buses. Cheers for the Planning Board!
Tonight, December 19th, is a public hearing of the Zoning Board of Appeals at 7:00 pm at the Village Hall. This is likely the last chance for the public to weigh in on the hospital project. It’s your chance to speak up.
The hospital is requesting a height variance of 3 1/2 feet. The laws which govern granting a variance are very precise and can be seen here.!9-foot-variance-rules/cwcy
One of the requirements of granting a variance is that the result could not be achieved by other means.  Clearly the medical offices proposed for the hospital could be located in the “medical office district” along Springbook Avenue. The “medical office district” was created in 2006 in the Rhinebeck Village Zoning Code” to provide space for medical offices for Northern Dutchess Hospital.
Although the properties on Springbook had been listed for sale by Win Morrison Realty for over a year once we began recommending that the hospital locate the medical offices there the properties mysteriously were removed from listing. Is this temporary or will there come back on the market once the hospital expansion is approved? All eyes on Springbrook Avenue Medical Office District.
Please attend the public hearing tonight if possible. We encourage thoughtful public comments. It’s your chance to speak out on the project. Thanks for your support.

Save Rhinebeck Green Space

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