New Tech City: This Mom Loves Bitcoins, If Only She Could Find Hers – WNYC

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This lively suburban mom shocked her kids by revealing she had enough bitcoins to buy a Ferrari. Then disappointed them with the news she couldn’t remember where, or how, she got the new, confusing, virtual currency or how to access it. So New Tech City jumped in to help.

Gina Fox is a town board member of Rhinebeck, NY, a real estate agent and can’t remember why or how she got the email offer back in, she thinks, 2009.  “But I remember that the email was something like: ‘Click this link to open an account and get started with free bitcoin,'” she says.

In the processes of helping her try to find her lost bitcoins, we learn why the new cryptocurrency is worth paying attention to, how it works, and why on earth people were giving away hundreds of bitcoins to strangers. We also explain what bitcoin “mining” is, with due thanks to this fine explanation from Quartz, and our guest, Alex Waters, CEO of CoinApex.


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