The Rhinebeck Rotary, at a regular meeting at The Beekman Arms on Monday, December 16, hosted The Chancellor Livingston School’s Show Choir in a lively performance of seasonal and other songs. The Show Choir has graced many Rotary meetings with their exuberance, vitality, and talent and this Monday’s meeting was no exception.

Photo: courtesy of Mike Frazier
Photo: courtesy of Mike Frazier

Led by musical director Sandy Kane, the students began a four-song set with Lady Antebellum’s inspirational “I Was Here” and then delighted Rotarians with a medley entitled “The Bells of Christmas,” featuring snatches of “Ding-dong, Merrily on High,” “I heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” and the all-time favorite, “Jingle Bells.” “Candles in the Window,” a ballad

celebrating Chanukah, followed and the set concluded with
“Sparkle-jolly-twinkle-jingley” from the Broadway musical, “Elf.” Celeste
Grosso accompanied the Show Choir on keyboard and Debra Lavender
choreographed the numbers.

Joining Rotary members were many parents and grandparents of students in the  Show Choir and Rotary president, Mike Frazier, thanked them, along with parents not present, for sharing their children with Rotarians, all of whom left this regular meeting with a smile on their lips and a bounce in their steps.

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