The Town Board of the Town of Rhinebeck will be holding a meeting tonight November 25, 2013 at 6:45 pm at Town Hall 80 East Market St and is proposing the passage of a local law to establish the office of a single appointed assessor. This is a significant change as there are currently 3 elected assessors that share the job and responsibilities. As the Town assessors are responsible for assessments in the Village of Rhinebeck this local law if passed has the potential to affect all residents, businesses and property owners in the Village of Rhinebeck. I wish to make it clear that I have received no correspondence nor have I been contacted by any members of the Town Board regarding this change. I went to Town Hall and requested a copy of the proposed law to try and gain some insight as to why this change is being proposed. The law provides no background or insight as to the motivation for this change. In my mind this has the potential to have a significant impact on all those living, working, or owning property in the Village and I encourage everyone to attend this meeting to hear what this is all about. If passed in the future those responsible for assessments will serve at the will of the Town Board and no longer be voted for by those they are taxing. This deserves everyone’s attention, please share with those you know that will be impacted.
Jim Reardon

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