Possible move to one appointed appraiser

Thank you, Mayor for bringing this to certain chosen people’s attention. In fact, this is something we are studying and have studied for two years and we are looking at the ramifications are and how to best implement. The over-riding goal is to provide more consistent service to our residents and realign our office with best practices as suggested by NYS. In addition, we are one of the only towns/villages in Dutchess County and even the surrounding counties to have one elected assessor, let alone three. We are proud of our assessor’s office and have kept everyone informed of the review process. Tonight’s meeting is only to allow an opening of public comment which will be held over for at least two more weeks and probably more. Unlike as sometimes happens in the village, we wish to keep residents apprised and engaged at every turn. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend tonight’s meeting but have requested a tabling of the discussion so I don’t want your email list to waste an evening so close to the holidays.

Wishing you the best,
Gina Fox


  1. Gina, your comments are totally off base and inappropriate and it appears I struck a nerve. Is this how you choose to cooperate and work with the Village? Pointing fingers and saying “unlike as happens in the Village”. You claim that this has been discussed for over two years which surprises me as this is the first I have heard of it, so I wonder about how many other people are aware. As the town does the assessments for the Village I would think that there would have been some outreach to the Village Board about this subject but apparently we are not considered part of the equation. My responsibility is to inform my residents, business owners and property owners of actions taken by anyone, and that includes the Town Board, that may impact them. If you do not like it so be it. Quite frankly how I distribute that information and who I distribute it to is my business and has nothing to do with “ certain chosen people “. I will get the word out as I see fit. I will attend tonight and I will ask for information.


  2. I think this notice was posted on November 13 ( of this year ) in this very forum. So, before we start throwing stones, let’s make sure we don’t live in a glass house!
    It may also be smart to at least explore other ways of doing things. Exploration may find this to be good, bad, or somewhere between for the Rhinebeck community.

  3. The State Department of Taxation and Finance has a great backgrounder on municipalities converting from elected three member assessor boards to sole appointed assessors.

    88% of New York State municipalities have converted to single appointed assessors.

    Assessment community online services
    Forms & publications
    Municipal Profiles
    Data, rates, ratios & values
    Equalization rates & information
    Exemption administration
    Legal information
    Property tax and assessment news
    RP-5217/Sales reporting
    Valuation tools & information
    State Board of Real Property Tax Services
    Towns Changing from Three Member Boards of Elected Assessors
    [See attached PDF]

    Below is an information packet on the subject of changing from a board of elected assessors to a single assessor. The changing assessor profile in New York shows a steady decline in the percentage of municipalities retaining three member boards of elected assessors. In 1983, half of the municipalities retained elected boards. Today, the trend favors appointed assessors, with less than 12% of municipalities retaining elected boards and more than 88% opting for appointed assessors. The Changing Profile of New York Assessors (chart) shows a steady decline in the percentage of municipalities retaining three member boards of elected assessors. The links below provide additional information on the subject.

    Advantages of Sole Assessor, prepared by Educational Services.
    Comparison of Elected and Appointed Assessor Positions (chart) prepared by Educational Services.
    Real Property Tax Law: §310 which addresses assessors generally; §328 which addresses the single appointed assessor option; §329 which addresses the sole elected assessor option.
    Sole Appointed Assessor Appointment and Certification Information prepared by Educational Services. This includes section 8188-2.2 of the 20 NYCRR 8188: minimum qualification standards for appointed assessors.
    Application for Qualifications Review Form for appointed assessors. (Applicants must meet qualification standards before appointment to office.)

    Job of the Assessor, prepared by the Office of Real Property Tax Services
    Map of NYS depicting towns as appointed or elected.
    We hope this information will be of service to you. Any questions on the procedure to be followed should be directed to your Municipal Attorney.

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