I applaud our community members and volunteers for their involvement with the development of the Thomas Thompson Sally Mazzarella Park.  There are many different views on the design potential for our park and the Town Board strives to take all opinions into consideration as we move forward with the review process.

At the October 21st 2013 public meeting, the Town Board met to amend the 2009 SEQRA Negative Declaration for the Phase 1 improvements to the Thomas Thompson/Sally Mazzarella Park.  In a unanimous vote, the action taken by the Board was to state that the Phase 1 improvements planned (which include a water line, a sewage facility/plan and pavilion) have no negative effect on the environment.

Additionally, we addressed the concerns that the community has voiced as to the number and type of fields being planned for the park. We took pains to make sure that any action we took would not limit future plans for additional playing fields.   Our Land Use and Town attorneys, our Town Planner and members of the TTSMP committee reassured the Town Board that should it be determined in the future that more or different types of fields were needed that we would be able to achieve this.

Members of the Rhinebeck Soccer League and concerned parents in attendance at the meeting thanked the Board for acknowledging the issues raised and seemed pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

The plan that the Park Committee has put forth is a good and balanced plan for recreation given our demographics and these economic times. With some fundraising and grant writing we can build this wonderful park for all Rhinebeck residents to enjoy.

I invite the public to watch this meeting. It will be available on PANDA TV 23, on-line at PANDA and on YouTube.  It was important to us, as always, that the public see our process. We can achieve good things for Rhinebeck by working together with mutual good will and respect.

Respectfully Yours,

Elizabeth Spinzia                                                                                                               Rhinebeck Town Councilperson