Letter to the Editor: Thompson-Mazzarella Recreation Park (“TMP”) project

Dear Letter to the Editor:

In what could only be construed as an effort to get the Thompson-Mazzarella Recreation Park (“TMP”) project pushed through while silencing community dissension, your elected Town Board has suddenly scheduled a “special meeting” in the middle of the day today [10/21 at 3pm] when most of us are at work. The TMP site plan has not changed at all to reflect the voices of those asking for more playing fields, the questions posed to the Town Board about the propriety of the plan have been flatly ignored, and the petition with over 250 names supporting more playing fields is missing from Town files! As of 2:15 pm today (45 minutes before the meeting), there was no agenda and no resolution available for the public to even review before the meeting commences. As such, no opportunity to submit comments – even if via email – for those who work.

Interestingly, there’s a moratorium on the LEEDS initiative (energy efficiency law) that expires tomorrow [10/22/13], which would make the TMP have to comply with this new energy efficiency law.
I hope all of Rhinebeck’s young families have a clear memory of how our current Town Board operates its government on a multi-million dollar community project when Election Day rolls around this year. What Board members will vote “aye” and push this project through today when no one can attend to voice concerns about how the community’s needs are not being met with this site plan? Will your elected officials demonstrate equal concern for athletics and young families in Rhinebeck’s Recreation Park today as they have devoted concern to open space? While open space is a beautiful thing we all benefit from, it should not supplant the needs of our children and the people who live here.
Cherish the children. They are our future.

Linda M. Murray