Sirius Play Dog Training at the Starr

Sirius Play Dog Training

“A strong bond forms the basis of your relationship with your dog. Not countless hours of obedience training. Learning how to live with your dog and make him want to be with you, is the foundation for having a well trained dog. If your dog wants to be with you and sees you as the most fun object in the universe, then training will be a snap.”  – Polly Kaplan 

Sirius Play Dog Training and K9 Nose Work(R)

Real World Training –

Introduction to K9 Nose Work® and Continuing Nose Work –

K9 Nose Work® Introduction to Odor – 

Classes are held at The Starr Library in Rhinebeck

Fall 2013 SIRIUS PLAY DOG TRAINING (Please note: Most classes fill up quickly, but will be held only if the minimum number of students registers)

To learn more about Polly and to register for classes:

 Sirius Play Dog Training and K9 Nose Work(R)        

*Certified Nose Work Instructor  

*Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

(845) 797-1879 or

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