A message from The Queens Galley – Kingston

For many people that see this, today is payday. For some it’s another day of job seeking…and if you’re a kid in one of those homes it means another day of food insecurity. Kids, disabled veterans, seniors too frail to work should not have to worry about food. For almost a decade our community has been helping each other to make sure this is a No Hungry city. It’s past the middle of the month. Shelves are roomy. That’s not a good recipe for solving hunger. When you shop for groceries this weekend, perhaps you can remember to pick up an extra item to drop off? Or make a donation online, for every dollar we have we can buy $10 worth of food...http://thequeensgalley.org/donate_money.html

Every October 1, SNAP benefits are adjusted to reflect changes in the cost of living. In April 2009, a law called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) commonly known as the stimulus package, raised SNAP benefits to help people affected by the recession. The increased benefits provided by this law are expected to expire on November 1, 2013.  SNAP recipients will see two changes in their benefit amounts during the fall of 2013.

First, benefits will increase very slightly for most households on October 1 to reflect the costs of living.  Then, ALL SNAP households across the nation will see their benefits decrease on November 1 due the end of the extra benefits provided by the 2009 ARRA law.

Millions of people already struggling will have less assistance to purchase food. Kids already looking for something on weekends to replace a school meal will have to look harder, seniors who struggle to decide if meds should be filled or if they can eliminate just one more thing from the grocery list… Until there is only a list and no money for food.

So many of you have helped us, and other pantries and soup kitchens too. I’m not coming to you for more right now I’m asking you to reach not into your pockets but into your contacts to educate friends who have NOT helped because they simply are not aware of what is happening or about to happen.

Yes I really want you to donate to the Queens Galley but if you choose another pantry thats great too! We are ALL in this together. There is no such thing as competition when it comes to making sure that our community has access to wholesome food. Please help, champion a pantry or soup kitchen anywhere near you or champion our mission here, but please be a champion. Www.thequeensgalley.org

TO HELP IN RHINEBECK The Church of the Messiah

6436 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 – (845) 876-3533 Food Pantry, Donegan Hall: Friday’s at 10am .

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