A message from Save Rhinebeck Green Space – Please Join us at Monday’s September 23rd, 2013 Rhinebeck Town Board meeting, 6:45, Town Hall.

Please join us at Monday’s Rhinebeck Town Board meeting, 6:45, Town Hall.

Many thanks for your petition support and for your attendance at Thursday night’s Village Zoning Board meeting. We had an excellent showing of about 70 concerned citizens and everyone really wanted to speak on the subject of Northern Dutchess Hospital’s expansion. NDH pulled their variance request one hour before the hearing was to begin so citizens were unfortunately unable to express their dissatisfaction with NDH and their plan to demolish the front lawn, pave it over and light it at night.

Now we are on the agenda for this Monday’s Rhinebeck Town Board meeting (meeting starts at 6:45) to present a request that the Town Board initiate an Article 78 action against the Village Planning Board for their decision not to require Health Quest to conduct a full SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review ) review of this project. Article 78 is a section of New York State law which allows aggrieved parties to challenge a decision of a public body. At a minimum this 12 acre project in the middle of our beautiful, historic village needs an environmental review and no one has required that one be conducted.

We very much need as many of you as possible to attend to show the strength of public concern regarding this project.

We remain convinced that the planning process for this project is in error and want to seek support from the Rhinebeck Town Board to take action. The current site development plan is clearly inconsistent with the Town of Rhinebeck’s Comprehensive Plan and the Greenway Pact, and convincing the Town Board to initiate action, probably with joint participation from affected village residents, will lend significant momentum to the need for a full SEQR review of this project.

Please attend if you possibly can. We know these meetings are disruptive to your busy lives. But as we witnessed Thursday night, public action plays an invaluable role in motivating municipal officials and developers to act in the public interest.

Many thanks for your support.

Learn more here:  http://www.save-rhinebeck-green-space.com/



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