Petition To Save Rhinebeck’s green space

Help block the massive expansion of Northern Dutchess Hospital. Most mature trees on the front lawn will be cut down and it will become a massive parking lot.

By Cate Long


Petition Background

Rhinebeck is America’s most beautiful village, lovingly nurtured for over 300 years. With 2,800 residents it is a jewel of the Hudson Valley and the nation.

Northern Dutchess Hospital has proposed a $38 million expansion which is overly large and designed to accommodate eight “for-profit” doctors offices. The addition of these “for profit” facilities will require the leveling of most of the mature trees on the hospital’s front lawn and paving over the green space. It will make an eyesore of the northern gateway of the village.

There are many other possible alternatives to this plan. The most respectful is to rescale the project and remove the “for profit” doctor offices. These can be located anywhere in the village. For example the north end of Springbrook (Route 9) was designated for medical facilities and now four buildings stand empty and for sale.

If the hospital expansion happens as planned the northern gateway of the village will be permanently defaced. We petition the Rhinebeck Zoning Board of Appeals to reject the request for a 9 foot height variance and request a thoughtful discussion of the plans for the northern gateway of the village.

Please consider attending the September 19 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at 7:00 pm at the Village Hall to speak in opposition to the expansion. Thank you.

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