Village of Rhinebeck Informatio​nal Notice : POPULATION EXPLODES IN RHINEBECK

The 168th rendition of the Dutchess County Fair begins next Tuesday August 20th and concludes on Sunday August 25th. Mayor Jim Reardon announced today that over the course of the Fairs’ six day run the population of the Village of Rhinebeck swells from 2,700 residents to over 500,000″.
People come from far and wide to both participate in and visit the Dutchess County Fair. In the industry it is known as one of the premier six-day fairs in the country. Reardon says, “At the Dutchess County Fair there is something for everyone. The agricultural livestock shows and exhibits, horticulture displays, talent shows, musical acts and educational displays, carnival and of course the great food add up to a surefire recipe for family fun. I encourage everyone to visit Rhinebeck and the Dutchess County Fair and take advantage of this world-class showcase for agriculture and all that it has to offer. Its’ rich traditions are something we here in Rhinebeck are extremely proud of.”
Reardon closes by saying “of course an event of this magnitude is a challenge to manage. There are many agencies that come together to be sure that the Fair runs smoothly and exhibitors and visitors are safe. I would like to thank the Fair Board and General Manager Andy Imperati, the New York State Police, Dutchess County Sheriffs Department, Village of Rhinebeck Police Department, Dutchess County Department of Emergency Management, New York State Department of Transportation and all others that insure that this event is a huge success. Without their dedication, time and effort none of this would be possible”
See you at the Fair!


  1. It has become so expensive for families so many have to go to the ulster fair. No free seats for the entertainment is unfair Columbia county and ulster have good entertainment free.

  2. All isn’t roses. I live on Rt 101 and are put off by the traffic during the fair. How do you like it that there is a car/truck passing my property every second during the day and night. I also would like to point out that the fair sponsors, Ginsberg and other priviledge suppliers make a bundle of the vendors of the fair. I doubt they live up to the “non-profit” status of the fair or the fair grounds. I agree that 4H should be tax free, but that amounts to about 10% of he fair grounds.

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