July 22, 2013

Mayor Jim Reardon announced today that the Village of Rhinebeck is once again expanding its’ solar powered trash compactor program. Reardon states ” three years ago we made a commitment to increase the efficiencies of our solid waste and recycling program in the village business district. We have now secured another location and will be placing a unit at the Post office property on Mill Street”. The units which are called Big Belly trash compactors compress the trash to 1/5 the actual size.
This results in less labor for collection, less vehicle trips, fuel expense, mileage, wear and tear on trucks and of course a reduction in carbon footprint. The units also have recycling containers for cans, bottles and paper. The program is being phased in over the course of several years and once fully implemented is projected to save the Village approximately $20,000 yearly. Reardon adds “the business district is the heart of our community and tourism drives our local economy. Through good
planning and development we hope to lend our support to our local businesses and keep Rhinebeck an attractive destination for tourists. We have been partnering with property owners in the business district to secure locations for these units which help tremendously in improving the appearance of the Village”.

Anyone interested in helping the Village in this effort can contact Village Hall at 845-8760-7015.

In closing ” I would like to thank Rhinebeck Postmaster Michael Letterese for his assistance in placing this unit says Reardon”.

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