The New York State Police in Livingston are seeking assistance from the public in the identification of two subjects involved in an armed robbery at the Germantown Xtra Mart Convenient Store – Route 9G occurring last evening (7/17/2013) at approximately 11:30pm. The subjects, one armed with a long gun and the other with a silver/black semi-automatic pistol, entered the store and demanded money from the clerk. Both subjects are believed to be white males, thin builds and between 5’8″ and 5’10″ tall. The shorter of the two subjects is believed to have been responsible for another armed robbery occurring at the Blue Stores Xtra Mart – Route 9 Livingston, on June 27, 2013 at approximately 11:40pm. During this robbery, the suspect was again armed with a silver/black semi-automatic pistol and wearing what appears to be the same clothing to include the same blue/green skull type mask. The Blue Stores Xtra Mart is approximately 4.5 miles from the Xtra Mart in Germantown. The New York State Police is encouraging all local media outlets to broadcast this information along with the attached photographs to the public in an attempt to obtain information regarding these perpetrators.

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