New Show at KMOCA -“Small Moments” Opening June 1st, 2013



New Show at KMOCA
“Small Moments”
Recent works by Josephine Bloodgood, Chad Ferber, and James Fossett
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 1, 5-7pm

Charles Bukowski once said, “Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.” The three artists showing their work at KMOCA this coming month might add that some moments are worth painting or photographing, too.
Josephine Bloodgood bases many of her paintings on small moments, like overheard conversations and chance encounters. Over time she finds the images often develop into something not conceived at the beginning. Bloodgood was a curator at the Georgia Museum of Art for several years. Her work has been widely shown in Georgia and New York state, and was included in the Kunstiendaagse art festival in the Netherlands. Bloodgood currently lives in New Paltz.
Chad Ferber’s oil paintings are often based on moments of discovery along the road. Moment-to-moment attention to craft is also an apt description of his work: he grinds his own colors, for example. Ferber cites a wide variety of influences ranging from Vermeer to Ed Ruscha to The Jesus Lizard. After earning his MFA from Hunter in 1999, Ferber has shown his work in a variety of venues including the Center For Performance Research in Brooklyn. Originally from Maryland, Ferber makes his home in Rhinebeck where he has a home studio.
Photographer James Fossett shares his own small moments with what he calls Cloud Jumper images. A lover of aquatic things, his interests range from swimming holes to fisheries. Fossett received his MFA from Tufts University in conjunction with The School of Fine Arts in Boston. Fossett is co-founder of the performance group Cave Dogs. Originally from Maine, he lives in Bloomington.
“Small Moments” continues at KMOCA through June 29.
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