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The Luck (curse) of The Irish

This is my weekend. MY weekend.  The glorified weekend of flag waving, chest pounding, proud standing celebrations of my people.  Irish.  All of us.  All of you, on this day, St. Paddy’s Day


I was surely, born with mischief in my eyes, and fire in my veins….. *  Irish. I grew up amidst tales of the “troubles”.  I learned about the role my grandfather played in getting Ireland free, the south anyway.   I learned about my great uncles, and my grandmother’s journey to America, alone at fourteen, in 1928, six years after the revolution of Michael Collins began.  These stories were discussed proudly and at times in hushed tones.   Whiskey was raised, beer was popped, backs were slapped, or mothers consoled.  


Needless to say, my tribe is scattered around and about and it was very long ago and far away that I traveled with my clan.  90 miles south to be precise, on 5th Avenue up and down and all over town, that I was skinny legged and shouting, chanting, at the top of my 12 year old lungs  “Get England Out of Ireland!” 8 cousins strong.  We were a sight for sure. And each year after with different companions and different shouts, and laughs and then smiles, and flirtations. and then afterwards at McSorley’s or Rosie O’Grady’s or up and down Third Avenue singing rebel songs and pounding back beers. 

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