Rhinebeck Blogger Ginger Long’s Women in Control: My Technicolor Dream Coat

My Technicolor Dream Coat

I’m not big into things.  Possessions.  Material falderal and knick-knacky trappings.  I like moments.  Memories.  Personal connections.  Those brief intimate interactions between people that are instantly and indelibly captured, imprinted and immediately embossed onto the long-term memory part of the brain.  The Hall of Fame chamber of the brain, I imagine.  I like to think back on those belly laughs, liquids dripping from the nasal passage, wet your pants laughable moments.  Or the crying, flailing, still love me anyway interactions.  The late nights, deep conversations, quiet stillness of shared experience with someone who has made a difference and stayed on, and sometimes not.  That’s what I collect and carry and preserve.  But I do have a few things that have meant a great deal.  They have some symbolic meaning and they generally fit within the typical developmental need for acquisitions to help you through the bad times schema.

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