“Distinct Personalities”

 Marc Sacerdote

Distinct Personalities:

Collage, Digital Art and Animation


March 1- 30, 2013

Artist Reception Saturday, March 8, 5-7

Where: Marc Sacerdote’s exhibit, “Distinct Personalities” showcases Sacerdote’s creativity and expertise using digital art and animation media. These works on paper will be on display at Montgomery Row’s Art Exhibition Space in Rhinebeck, NY at 6423 Montgomery Street (Rt. 9) from March 1- 30, 2013.  An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday, March 8, 5-7.

This is the first time Montgomery Row has exhibited digitally animated art. 

Who: Marc Sacerdote has twenty-five years experience creating and teaching animation including establishing The Animation Association, a grant-supported production program for public school students in Manhattan’s District 2 in 1983.   Many of those children who participated in Sacerdote’s animation classes have graduated to working on west coast animation projects. They credit their success to his teaching.  

How: Sacerdote began the program in the days of movie cameras and film using collage animation as one of many techniques. In the early nineties he started using collage for his own art and illustration work, first drawing, then coloring and texturing with paper byapplying paper like mosaic pieces”.

Until a few years ago the only thing Sacerdote had done digitally with his own work was to catalogue it.  But once in the computer, inspiration struck as Sacerdote learned with a little cropping here, some fixing there, a nip and a tuck, before long an image becomes something else.  And before long he was making digital art and animation without a camera.  He animates digitally though his animation sensibilities remain traditional so that he continues to animate frame-by-frame.

What: Sacerdote’s work in this exhibit showcases his “people”.  And from Phil to Pastry Lady to Basso Profundo, Dolly Valentine, The Happy Faces of Khezbek and all the others, each of his animated “people” is a distinct personality.  Sacerdote expands each person’s narrative, and the most compelling narratives become animations.

In 1967, Sacerdote graduated from HobartCollege with a B.A. in History.  He continued his education at NYU gaining an M.A. in Communications before completing post-graduate work in Media and Writing, at NYU and The New School.  His website is: www.marc.sacerdote.com.

For more information on “Distinct Personalities,” please contact Sue Hartshorn (845.876.0543/ suehartshorn@frontiernet.net) or Marc Sacerdote (845.876. 876-0845/ marc sacerdote [marcsacerdote@gmail.com].