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Where you find it

It’s been a cold few months in the Hudson Valley, which took me by surprise since last winter was downright balmy. I had such high hopes for this season, waiting for the leafless trees to reveal concealed bounties of decaying structures, and more optimistically, hidden routes into those structures. S, the “property manager” (aka security guard) at Hudson River Psychiatric Center told me the going would be good when the leaves were gone, so I patiently waited for my chance to return to the grounds and move about freely under a cold winter sky.cook pic #2 Alas, no such luck. No sooner had the last leafs fluttered from the trees than the snow fluttered from the skies, creating virtually impassable obstacles for me and my Fugee. If you could look at the inside of my brain you’d see a frustrated Google calendar, with every day that I have not been able to go back to HRPC crossed off in bright red. Compulsive much? Maybe…

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Liz Cooke

I am a photographer, writer, and currently a graduate student in the Social Work program at Adelphi University. In 1980 I received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to document my childhood neighborhood of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It was about that time I developed my lifelong love affair with pictures

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