The Rhinebeck Science Foundation Invites You To Be Heard!

The Rhinebeck Board of Education is currently considering the recommendations made by CELT, the consulting firm hired to conduct a technology audit in the Rhinebeck schools.

The results of the audit have been published on the school website – links below – and we encourage you to review them. (There’s an executive summary that is a very quick read if you’re pressed for time.)

We also hope you will join us in reaching out to school administrators and Board of Education members to let them know that the first step should be the hiring of a technology director.

Although the report includes many important recommendations, hiring a trained, experienced technology director will ensure that all other technology-related efforts are implemented effectively.

That will mean

• Improved use of technology in the classroom
• More complete teacher training
• Development of grade-appropriate curricula that align with the Common Core standards

The administration and Board have the difficult task of creating a budget with the limited resources available in this difficult economy. They need to know the importance the community places on improving the use of technology in our schools.

Please contact them by phone or email. Our kids will benefit in the classroom immediately and will be better prepared for challenges they will face beyond the classroom in the future.

You can read the full CELT report, an executive summary, and the presentation to the Board of Education here:

The Board of Education is keenly interested in your ideas about moving forward. Contact information for all school board members can be found here:

Administration contact information can be found here:

Thank you for helping us improve education in the Rhinebeck schools.

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