Rhinecliff Blogger Ginger Long’s Woman in Control : A female, feminine, feminist experience. Thoughts and observations.

Woman in Control


I started writing about three years ago at the prompting of a close friend and confidante who enjoyed my humor, or wanted me to channel it elsewhere. I was colliding with issues and events that I had very little control over but were nonetheless on a crash course heading directly at me. I needed to take control, or gain control, or learn how to be in control. At times, I attempted to at least appear in control. Most times, me attempting to “appear” in control takes on a Lucille Ball meets Carrie at the prom meets rabid spider monkey. It doesn’t look “in control”. It didn’t feel that way either. Not wanting to be out of control, it got me thinking about control and women and some of the preconceived notions about women and control in the bedroom, at the breakfast table, and the boardroom.1-ginger

I’m stumbling through what it means to be middle-aged and recently single. For the most part, it turns out it feels just fine. Sometimes in a controlled, cautious manner and sometimes in a care-free, kick back, let it all hang out way. Still other times it feels out of my control. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on policy and protocol. I like controls. Or maybe I’m just avoiding the impending consequences of being a single parent with an empty nest and an open calendar. I am traveling on a path towards calm acceptance and hopeful exhilaration in between ordinary everyday functioning. I am comforted by a sense of being in control, but I am not controlling. Feminist, feminine, and female, I am interested in women’s issues and how they impact all.

Woman in Control


Keep Calm and Parent On

I spent the earlier part of yesterday in the local ER.  Everyone is fine.  It’s all good.  No worries. 

 It didn’t start that way.  It started like any other day.  Up at the crack of dawn, or January in the northeast,predawn.  Alarms, snooze buttons, second alarm round up, coffee, bathroom jostling (there is just the one), shower…rallying the lanky tall one off the couch to wake-up and jump in the shower because ITS LATE…He wakes up in incremental steps-several alarms, crash out of bed, always a crash, stumble down the stairs, lands on couch for one more sleep fix.

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