Update from the Village of Rhinebeck 10/28/2012

Preparations have been underway in the Village and Town of Rhinebeck over the last several days to deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Jim Reardon states “ I along with the cooperation of Chief Rick Dorrer and the officers of the Rhinebeck Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Sgt Pete Dunn of the Rhinebeck Police Department, Rhinebeck Emergency Management Coordinator Henry Campbell, Village of Rhinebeck Street Department Foreman Mike Wolff and Town Highway Superintendent Kathy Kinsella and Town Highway Foreman Bob Wyant met on Saturday evening to discuss contingencies for response to the storm events”. On Thursday and Friday both the Village and Town Highway Departments prepared equipment such as plows, chainsaws, pumps etc. so that they are ready to go. The Fire Company and Rescue Squad will have personnel on standby to respond in case of emergency and are operationally mobilizing for a 48 hour time frame or more if necessary. The Rhinebeck Police Department has added extra personnel to the schedule to cover the overnights and will be available to respond”. Reardon states “ at 4 pm Saturday we opened the flood control valves at Asher Dam at Crystal Lake and over the next 17 hours we were able to lower the water level at the Lake by approximately 4 feet. We will continue to monitor the water level and adjust accordingly. As everyone is aware we suffered significant damage during last year’s storm events due to the fact that the valves at the dam were severely damaged. In March of this year we replaced and repositioned the valves and they now are no longer subject to damage and we can access them at all times. This is a significant improvement over the prior system. Reardon goes on by saying “according to the latest weather forecast received through Dutchess County Emergency Management at 2:28 pm Sunday we may get anywhere from 3-4 inches of rain and wind speeds are predicted to be 30-40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph in the Valley and up to 75 mph in higher elevations. This is a massive storm that will linger over our area for the next 2- 3 days and is not to be taken lightly. We strongly suggest that outside the home everyone secure any items that could be come airborne and pose a threat to you or your neighbors. If you live in the Village and have a storm drain adjacent to your property please remove leaves from the area. Street Department crews will be working to keep drains clear but due to the amount of drains and amount of leaves it is an extremely difficult situation to manage. There is a high risk of downed trees and power lines so please stay off the roads. If you are in a vehicle and the road is flooded, absolutely, do not attempt to drive through, turn around and try another route. We are encouraging everyone to remain at home and not put themselves or emergency personnel at risk”. In closing Reardon states “ we thank everyone for their cooperation and rest assured we will be prepared to respond accordingly”.