Town of Rhinebeck Storm Information Notice

Town Supervisor Tom Traudt, Highway Superintendent Kathy Kinsella, and Rhinebeck Emergency Co-Coordinators are closely monitoring Hurricane Sandy and are preparing Rhinebeck to cope with emergency conditions that may arise during the storm and urge residents to be prepared for the risk of severe weather. 
The effects of Hurricane Sandy are expected impact the Rhinebeck area from late Sunday, October 28th through Wednesday, October 31st.  Threats to our area include flooding and damaging wind gusts. 
Please take emergency preparedness steps to be ready in case of the loss of electrical power.  Please have sufficient food, water, medications, and other priority supplies on hand.  Please remember to prepare for the care of your pets, especially if they are normally outside. 
Rhinebeck Town Hall will be open as an emergency shelter if needed.  If you need use Town Hall as shelter, please make sure to bring snacks and emergency supplies for you and your family.   
The Town of Rhinebeck Highway Department has taken steps to be prepared for emergency response in the event of downed trees, flooding or snow/ice conditions.
Please limit your travel during severe weather events so as to minimize risk and help keep roads open for emergency vehicles.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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