Letters to the editor: A letter of thanks!

To the Editor,

The 167th Dutchess County Fair has come and gone for another year. For several years I have been trying to establish an open and cooperative relationship with Fair management. I am pleased to state that in the last several months we have made significant strides in that regard. The current management has been willing to work with us and address our concerns regarding the impact such a large event has on a small Village such as Rhinebeck. This year’s fair unlike last year was blessed with six days of perfect weather. This served to balance the attendance at the fair over six days and along with the new traffic management plans that we have instituted led to a very effective flow of traffic and pedestrians and ultimately provided for a very positive experience for all. There is not enough room to name all the names but my sincere gratitude goes out to those in Fair management, law enforcement and emergency services that made all of this happen. I have said all along with willing participants great things can happen. It happened this year at the Dutchess County Fair. 

Thank you all.

Jim Reardon