Rhinebeck Crew and You in 2012 ~ 2013


Rhinebeck Crew needs you!

Why Crew?

The Rhinebeck Crew program offers the students of Rhinebeck High School a sport where just about everyone competes.

It’s a sport that we believe helps our young people learn the value of teamwork, build self-confidence, and develop important life skills  – All while having fun on the Majestic Hudson River.

Do you need previous rowing experience? 

No. Our program is open to any student grades 9 – 12 that are  interested in rowing. In fact, the vast majority of incoming rowers enter the program with no experience.

Interested in joining , or want to help with one of our fudrasiers.

To find out more:

Email us at : rhinebeckcrew@gmail.com

 The Rhinebeck Crew Inc. Blog: http://rbkcrew.wordpress.com

Rhinebeck Crew Inc. is a completely volunteer based non-profit organization that’s dedicated to providing the Rhinebeck Central School District with the funding and equipment needed for a successful and competitive crew program.

Rhinebeck Crew Inc. is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions made to the Rhinebeck Crew Inc., are tax deductible

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