Letters to the Editor : FYI to all attempting to sell a house.

August 13th, 2012

A con artist is making a habit of pretending to be a cash buyer, who wants to move in quickly. She gets inspections done, acts excited and honest…… She has no money. She lies constantly and makes false promises. We moved out of our home, everything is on a truck and after 6 days of falling for her excuses and lies, we are moving back in to our house. After consulting g with Redhook and Rhinebeck realtors we are her FIFTH victims. (As far as we know, there may be more). She works in Hannaford if you are concerned and want her name, contact me. She has caused no end of stress and money lost…..I have no understanding why, but if we can stop this happening to another family this post will be worth it.

Thank You,

Louise Lloyd Payne