“Rhinebeck Reads March in October”

Starr Library Plans a

Town-Wide Reading Program

What’s a great way to bring our community closer and get people talking to each other about meaningful topics? Host a town-wide reading program! It works like this: get as many people as possible to read the same book and then have a number of programs, exhibits and book discussion sessions to talk about different themes from the book. 
In an ongoing celebration of Starr Library’s 150th anniversary, the Library has selected the compelling, beautifully crafted novel March by Geraldine Brooks.  This Pulitzer Prize winning story is set during the Civil War (not coincidentally 150 years ago) and is told mostly from the perspective of the fictional character Mr. March, the father from Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic Little Women. Through his letters home and first-person flashbacks, the reader travels along with March during his harrowing experiences and deep questioning of his faith as an abolitionist Union chaplain who has gone to war in the South. 

Oblong Books is partnering with Starr Library to promote “Rhinebeck Reads March in October”, and the book will be available for purchase at numerous merchants throughout town.  We will also be encouraging community members to share copies and sign the inside of their book so others can see where the book has been!

Questions may be directed to Nan Jackson, Rhinebeck Reads Coordinator ( rhinebeckreads@starrlibrary.org ), or to Starr Library Director Steven Cook at 845-876-4030 (starrdirector@me.com).


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