Door-to-Do​or Salesman~ Via the Rhinebeck Central School District

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,Earlier this week, we received several calls from community members inquiring about a young man going door-to-door in several areas of our community.  The nature of the inquiries differed slightly from caller to caller.  One caller asked if the Rhinebeck Central School District was conducting some kind of door-to-door survey.  Another caller asked us if a school district representative was going from house to house disseminating information about an after-school program.Since we were unaware of anything close to what was being reported to us by these callers, we alerted the local police authorities.  Upon their looking into the matter, they informed us that apparently there is a young man from out-of-state who is living with a local family during the summer and who is selling books and educational materials door-to-door.  According to the police, what he is doing appears not to be in violation of any law or statute.However, we wanted to bring this to your attention to make it clear that the Rhinebeck Central School District IS NOT conducting any surveys, IS NOT collecting any information, and IS NOT providing any information about any school programs or services to residents at their homes or at their places of business.  Similarly, the Rhinebeck school district IS NOT selling, sponsoring, or endorsing the sale or distribution of any educational materials to school district residents for any reason whatsoever, door-to-door or otherwise.Anyone coming to your home and telling you, or implying that he or she is a representative of the Rhinebeck Central School District is either unintentionally miscommunicating to you or intentionally misleading you.  In either case, please be forewarned and be guided accordingly.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the Rhinebeck Central School District Offices at 871-5520. Joseph L. Phelan                                                                                                                                                   Superintendent of Schools

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Superintendant Phelan but I’d rather the District Offices spend their time identifying INNOVATION that’s cost effective and will improve the emotional development, educational experience, and — I’m sorry to say — test scores of our kids. RCSD seems to be woefully behind on all counts. We can do better, our kids deserve better, and we can afford better. What seems to be missing is spirit, motivation, and leadership. Lead us, Joseph, we’ll support you and we’ll follow.

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