Letters to the editor: Warning to area parents!

Dear parents and community members.

My 13 year old son was taking a walk in Ferncliff Forest, checking out the fish and exploring nature.  He thought a man (~50 years old) was following him and so he started walking in erratic directions and quickly realized that the man was indeed following him.  The man propositioned my son to come into the woods for a “little fun” with him.  My son escaped to the parking lot and a young couple in the Forest called the State Troopers.  The police didn’t arrest the man because he “never touched” my son.  Apparently, according to the police there have been several unsafe incidents in Ferncliff Forest. The local troopers told me that Ferncliff Forest attracts transients’ etc.

PLEASE DO NOT GO ALONE!!! We as parents need constant reminders that these pedophiles and egregious people are everywhere and we must never let our guard down.

Carol Ann Michetti-Stracher




  1. He didn’t need to touch him to be arrested!

    A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, “with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person . . . 2. He or she follows a person in or about a public place or places; or 3. He or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose.” P.L. 240.26

    The police should have arrested this man that followed this boy in a public park, then asked him if he was alone in the public park, and then when he realized he was alone asked him to go into the woods for “some fun”. The boy was alarmed, otherwise he wouldn’t have cried out for help. The adult man’s actions in propositioning a child served no legitimate purpose. The police had sufficient probable cause to make an arrest for harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

    This is disgraceful that this man was not fingerprinted and arrested. Let’s hope he doesn’t hurt the next child he encounters in Rhinebeck, or elsewehere

  2. This is outrageous that this pedophile was not arrested. Parents please file complaints with the police department. Do we have to wait until a child is harmed or damaged by such a person. The police need to be educated and this person needs to be incarcerated. Citizens please take action.

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