The Interviews: Innkeeper and Rhinebeck Mom, Cari Meltzer

Tea and Treats at The Looking Glass Bed and Breakfast

An Interview with Innkeeper and Rhinebeck Mom, Cari Meltzer

By Marybeth Cale

April 30th, 2012

As I walk over to The Looking Glass Bed and Breakfast on Chestnut Street, I reflect on why we all love to boast about our historic village. Rhinebeck is, indeed, somewhat of a utopia. There are countless reasons why we have become a destination for tourists. There are infinite delights that the guests at The Looking Glass B&B will enjoy this weekend while they are walking through our quaint town – the food, the arts, the culture, the tranquility – it is, indeed, an experience. As I make my way around the corner of Chestnut and Mulberry, and up to the sidewalk in front of The Looking Glass, I am greeted warmly by Cari Meltzer, Innkeeper, as I approach her beautiful Victorian home, where she welcomes people from all over the world, all year long.

M: It is so nice to be sitting on your front porch with you, Cari. Tell me how you first discovered Rhinebeck.

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