Rhinebeck High School : Extracurri​cular Activity!

Allow me to introduce …  Rhinebeck Crew

A sport to help our young people learn the value of teamwork, build self-confidence, and develop important life skills. A sport where everyone competes and there are no “cuts”, “bench warmers” or “individual stars”. A sport for your son or daughter to experience the Hudson River this spring!

Join us at the information and registration meeting:
Wednesday, January 18th @ 7 pm

Rhinebeck High School Campus: Middle School Cafeteria
If I can provide additional information, please contact me by email: sping@mindspring.com 

Rhinebeck Crew Inc.’s website address is www.rhinebeckcrew.org

 We  look forward to seeing your RHS student on the river this spring in a crew boat.
Cyndie Ping Rhinebeck Crew Inc. Chair